July 19: Scottish Law: Optional to Abide By

July 3: No Happy Endings: The Foot-Stomping Vulnerability of Gerry Cinnamon

July 2: Plague Diary: Abandoned Masks & Abandoned Sanity

June 19: Love and Geography

June 4: Maryhill Library Should Reopen, Says Patrick Grady

May 15: Glasgow Debates Aesthetics & Morality in the Work of Milan Kundera

May 14: Dawn Raids in Scotland by a Foreign Government

May 12: Clipped Wings

May 11: Five Days Later: Scottish Election Notes

May 5: This Scottish Election Is Not About a Party

April 30: Ex-Socialist George Galloway Wants Working Class People to Talk Proper

April 25: Good News for Scottish Viruses

2April 23: Craig Murray Speaks Up for the Has-Beens

April 22: Maryhill Library Is Moving, Not Closing, Says City Council Leader

April 20: Save Maryhill Library

April 17: Glasgow’s Message Is Clear

April 16: Another Form of Street Art in the Wyndford

April 11: Forbidden (by the SNP) Posts on Mastodon

April 10: Three Bags Full, Sir: Open Letter to Patrick Grady MP, Bob Doris MSP & Councillor John Letford

April 10: SNP Orders Members to Refrain From Campaigning While Royal Corpse Cools

April 9: Death of an Unremarkable Man

April 6: The Only Good Thing About the Alba Party

April 5: Vote to Put Alex Salmond Back In His Time Machine

April 4: Plague Diary: Restrictions Ease, Infections Do Not

March 25: Scotland Has No Question to Answer

March 23: Parcel of Rogues Fails to Oust Nicola Sturgeon

March 16: Scotland Gets What England Wants

March 14: Essential Services

March 13: Online Activism Is a Bourgeois Luxury

March 11: Claims that Laura Henderson Is Leaving Are False, Cube Says

March 5: Martin Armstrong, Boss of Bosses at Wheatley Group, Is Doing Nicely

March 4: Laura Henderson Leaving Cube, Sources Say

March 2: A Form of Prayer: Open Letter to Cube Housing Association & Laura Henderson

February 25: Wyndford High Flats Remain Filthy, Cube and Laura Henderson Remain Silent

February 20: Liberals + Facebook + Twitter = True Love 4Evr

February 17: Filth in Lifts and Stairwells in Wyndford High Flats During Pandemic

February 13: Wyndford Sends a Message

February 6: Verso Books Accused of Allowing Sexual Harassment & Union-Busting

February 2: Grownup Writer Hits out at Childish, Violent Language in News

February 1: Craig Murray Compares Nicola Sturgeon to Caligula

January 29: Plague Diary: Lumpen and Dangerous

January 27: Everyday Death

January 21: Plague Diary: Glasgow and Glasgow

January 14: Richard Leonard Is Gone. At Least We Still Have Boris Johnson

January 12: Maryhill Library Should Not Be Renamed After Maria Fyfe, or Anyone Else

January 7: If You Are on Facebook or Twitter, You Are a Trump Ally

January 2: Auld Stevenson’s Almanac for Scotland in 2021


December 21: Christmas Has Not Been Cancelled

December 16: Nicola Sturgeon Advises Scots to “Perhaps Think” About Not Killing People

December 9: Latest Novels From Dockyard Press: Belfast Neo-Noir, Chicago Working Class Crime, and Zombies at Christmas

November 26: Scotland Leads the World in Ending Period Poverty — Doctor Suggests Alternatives to Disposable Sanitary Products

November 22: Wyndford Tenants Pick Up Litter and Deliver It to Cube

November 18: “Reclaim Maryhill”—Patrick Grady and Bob Doris Comment on Vigil for the Valley

November 14: Maryhill Tenants Protest Sell-Off of Their Land to Private Developers

November 13: Saturday, November 14 — Vigil for the Valley, Glasgow

November 7: America, This Is Who You Are

2November 5: Domestic Violence Against Children Is Now Illegal In Scotland

November 1: Craig Murray's Latest Sideshow Is a Harmful Distraction From Real Political Action

October 30: “You Can Expect a Visit Soon,” Warn Thugs Hired by the BBC

October 28: Craig Murray Objects to Women Having Well-Paid Jobs and Going on Holiday

October 20: Living Rent Tenants' Manifesto

October 9: Gerry Hassan's Praise of Donald Dewar Is Fanfiction

September 30: It's Not All About You: Open Letter to Craig Murray

September 25: Why Does Craig Murray Block Protonmail?

September 25: Craig Murray Wakes Up to the Reality of Surveillance Capitalism

September 24: Some Popular Scottish Media Websites That Track You

September 1: Oh Pandah in G20

August 20: Books

August 4: “Incident” in High Flats, Glasgow

August 1: Digital Exorcism

July 18: Black Lives Matter Protest Near Kelvin Walkway, Glasgow

July 15: Glasgow Loan Sharks Looking for Victims

July 2: Do Not Call Him Boris

June 2: Journalists and Activists Should Not Expose Their Sources and Comrades for Convenience

May 26: Anti-Fascist Subvertising in Glasgow

May 21: The Chilling Persecution of Craig Murray

May 20: Neil Gaiman Cannot Get His Story Straight

May 12: Recent Scottish Writing Roundup

April 17: The View From Here: a Sickness That Lets Us See Clearly

April 1: Daily Record Ignores Craig Murray's Reporting, Goes After Craig Murray Instead

March 27: Why Is Scottish Media Not Talking About Craig Murray's Banning From the Alex Salmond Trial?

March 13: Glasgow Man With Coronavirus Symptoms Denied Test, Calls Official Inaction and Contradictions “a Joke”

March 5: Street Change Glasgow's “Alternative Giving” Scheme Shows Contempt for People in Poverty

February 14: Love in a Colonised Country

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