Please don't buy my books from Amazon. I don't allow my e-books to be sold there, and if I could stop them from selling my paperbacks, I would.

You can buy my e-books directly from the online shop of my publisher. All Dockyard Press e-books come in Mobi (Kindle) and Epub formats, and are DRM-free, meaning you own your copy of the e-book, not just a licence to read it.

Buying directly from Dockyard Press is the best way to support the publisher and its authors. If you buy paperbacks, please get them from your local independent bookshop. If you buy them online, please get them from Indiebound, Bookshop or Blackwell's.


Of Darkness and Light

The Champion’s New Clothes

Get Out As Early As You Can

The Book of Man


Scumbo: Tales of Love, Sex and Death

How Do You Like Your Blue-Eyed Boy?

The Wrong Thing

When It All Comes Down to Dust

One for My Baby


Kill Your Self: Life After Ego

Nothing Extra: Notes on the Zen Life

Why I Watch People Die

When the Light Bulb Is Bare


Traffic and Murder

Love and Rain

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