Craig Murray Compares Nicola Sturgeon to Caligula

Meanwhile, Scotland Continues in the 21st Century

Joanna Cherry and some colleagues Joanna Cherry and some colleagues

Craig Murray's relationship with sanity, which has been strained for some time, now seems to have reached the stage of divorce.

Today, in response to Joanna Cherry's being sacked from the SNP's Westminster front bench, Mr Murray tweeted: “No matter what you say about Nicola Sturgeon, there is no denying she has the efficiency of Caligula when it comes to utter determination to destroy potential rivals.” He also predicted Ms Cherry would be leader of the SNP within a year.

Joanna Cherry has been varously described as a TERF (trans-exlusionary radical feminist), or as “gender-critical.” To understand the meaning of the latter term, try replacing it with “race-critical.” She recently supported Sarah Phillimore, someone so bigoted she was suspended from Twitter for “hateful conduct,” an impressive achievement considering Twitter's tolerance of Nazis.

There has been media chatter about division within the SNP, and Ms Cherry's bigotry has caused some younger members to resign. But any real division in the party is not between trans-allies and transphobes — it is between the 20th and the 21st centuries. Like Alex Salmond and Joan McAlpine, Ms Cherry is a relic of the late 1980s and the 1990s, clinging to prejudices and certainties that now belong to history — to a period when Scotland was a Labour Party stronghold and the SNP was irrelevant. The same is true of Mr Murray, as evidenced by his decades-long membership of the Liberal Democrats before joining the SNP ten years ago.

Nicola Sturgeon is the most popular politician in the UK. Support for Scottish independence is at an unprecedented high. When the SNP wins the election in May by the expected landslide, the result should lead not only to an independent Scotland, but to the closing of the history book on Joanna Cherry and her cohort. As the UK goes, so go they.

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