Craig Murray Speaks Up for the Has-Beens

“Let me sing you some Wet Wet Wet…”

In Craig Murray’s latest post, he laments his irrelevance, and that of his pals from the 20th Century:

“Peter Bell, Barrhead Boy, Robin McAlpine, James Kelly, Jeggit, Stuart Campbell, Iain Lawson, and me – I could go on with a dozen more – these were the writers to whom pro-Independence people turned in their hundreds of thousands to escape from the diet of unionist propaganda they were fed from the BBC and papers. These bloggers and independent journalists were, along with the All Under One Banner marches, the heartbeat of Independence.”

Oh, those were the days. And then he moves from pitiful to insane:

“I regard this election as just the start for Alba. I look forward to participating in democratic debate that shapes its policies.”

This is up there with his recent prediction that Joanna Cherry would replace Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister within a year. Or was it six months?

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—GM Stevenson




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