Filth in Lifts and Stairwells in Wyndford High Flats During Pandemic

This is after cleaning

In a time of plague, Cube Housing Assocation's neglect of the health and safety of its tenants is medieval.

On January 29th, I contacted Cube, the landlord for the Wyndford scheme, asking if there had been any disruption to the cleaning schedule, as both the lifts and the stairwells in the high flats at 151 Wyndford Road were filthy. I suggested that in a pandemic a lack of cleaning could cause a health hazard. The response came from a housing officer on February 1:

“I have spoken with the Environmental team leader who advised that there has been no disruption to the cleaning service in any of the blocks. The team clean for 151 Wyndford Road is done every Tuesday from the 25th floor to the first floor, every landing is swept and mopped as are the stairwells in addition to the other cleaning that gets done on this day. The lifts are cleaned every day as well as the foyer and especially areas where there is more people present within the block. If you find that the cleaning is not up to standard, please let me know and I will pass your concerns on to our team leader to investigate.”

While Cube claims it is cleaning the high flats, it announced last year that it would not be cleaning the maisonettes in Wyndford.

Yesterday was a Tuesday, and there were indeed cleaners in the building (not wearing masks, not distancing). After cleaning, these were the conditions:

The building's lobby was damp from mopping.

The entryway into the stairwell had not been mopped.

The stairs between the ground floor and to the beginning of the second floor were damp, not mopped, but damp as if a wet mop had gone over the surface to wet them but not scrub or remove any of the accrued layers of dirt and filth.

The floors between the second and tenth were not wet, nor had they been mopped or scrubbed for quite some time.

Hair, faeces, walked-in gum and food, sticky puddles of dried substances are all present on those floors.

This makes me wonder: Is the mopping in the stairwell on the low floors only done on those levels because security camera (newly updated, I noticed) would capture the worker mopping?

I would ask these questions of Laura Henderson, who became Cube's Managing Director last year, following the sudden and mysterious departure of David MacKenzie, but in her time in that job, Ms Henderson has demonstrated that it is futile to ask her anything. At a public meeting about rent increases last March, she managed not to answer a single one of the many questions put to her by tenants (or, as she calls us, customers). In August, I obtained a copy of a letter she had written to Bob Doris MP, in which she refused to communicate with the Wyndford Tenants' Union:

I wrote to Ms Henderson, asking:

  1. Why does Cube consider it less safe to clean the closes in the maisonettes than the foyers, lifts and stairways of the high flats?
  2. You wrote that Wyndford Tenants' Union has “persistently questioned” Cube's decision not to provide services mandated by the Scottish government, and provided by every other housing association in Glasgow. Is it your position that the union should not question Cube's decisions, or is the issue with the “unreasonable persistence”? If the former, what do you think the union should do? If the latter, what constitutes “unreasonable persistence”? Are these positions held by Cube as an organisation, or by you personally?
  3. You wrote: “In addition to this the tone and content of some communications is wholly unacceptable.” Can you provide examples of such tone and content, and explain what makes them unacceptable?

She responded: “Thank you for your enquiry. I have forwarded your e-mail to our press office, where all media enquiries should be directed to, details of which can be found on our website.” And that was the last I heard.

Here are some more photos of the stairwell after cleaning:

And of the lifts, which are “cleaned every day”:

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