Grownup Writer Hits out at Childish, Violent Language in News

There has not been a time in living memory when the language of news was not violent. If the report is of a person or group disagreeing with another, the word “slammed” has been in standard use for at least 50 years. Violence is implied when there may be no personal hostility at all.

While that word is still common, it seems to have taken second place to another, less adult, term. Instead of disagreeing, disputing, condemning, objecting to, or challenging a statement or action, it will now be “hit out at” — a term that conjures the image of an angry toddler.

This language is as common in serious newspapers as in tabloids, as likely to be found in The Guardian as in The Daily Mail. Perhaps this will someday be replaced by an even more infantile standard, and it will become common to report that a person, organisation, or nation “took their ball and went home,” or “threw their toys out of the pram.”

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—GM Stevenson

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