Liberals + Facebook + Twitter = True Love 4Evr

Love unites.

If you doubt this, look at how love has brought together so many people with violently opposing political views. Left or right wing, they share a common love — their love for surveillance capitalism.

It would be heartwarming, were it not so chilling, to watch progressives who signal their virtue on the platform that brought about Trump's presidency.

It makes sense for Nazis to be on Facebook. But there are left wing activist groups whose only online presence is there. There are anarchist groups on there, which renders parody redundant. I am a member of at least once organisation whose news and activities I am mostly unaware of because the only medium it uses is Facebook. Many of my comrades are not aware that when you post something on Facebook, the company has the right to use whatever you post — text, image, video, music — however it chooses, in perpetuity, without having to pay you or even inform you.

Most progressives, like their reactionary enemies, are not monogamous; they are polyamorous, usually in a primary relationship with Facebook, with Twitter as a secondary partner, and also in committed relationships with Google, Zoom and Slack. Worse, in the pandemic you have to use Zoom, and probably Slack too, if you work remotely or are in any way an active citizen, because they are now the standard for online meetings. If you want to protect your privacy, the only way to be safe is to have a device you use only for surveillance capitalism, with no personal data on it, but how many people can afford this?

And it is sickening how happy and excited most of us seem to be to go along with it.

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—GM Stevenson

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