No Happy Endings: The Foot-Stomping Vulnerability of Gerry Cinnamon

Gerry Cinnamon performing

Only in Glasgow does a love song rhapsodise, “She is a gangster with a hundred-mile stare.”

Watching Gerry Cinnamon perform his song “Belter” in front of thousands of people who sing along as they dance to its thumping beat, it is easy to overlook that the song is as much about fear as it is about love.

“No happy endings / unless fairytales come true / but she looks like a princess / and there’s not much else to do” (or, in less polite performances, “there’s fuck all I can do”). And, “I think I love her / She gets underneath my skin / but I’ve been stung a few times / so I don’t let no one in” (or, in the less polite version, “I don’t let no cunt in”)…

Mr Cinnamon has created an anthem that serves as a soundtrack for any stage of a romantic relationship.

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