Plague Diary: 134% Increase in Scottish Infections in a Week

Pieter Bruegel's The Triumph of Death reflects the social upheaval and terror that followed plague, which devastated medieval Europe

In Scotland, who is winning the battle between magical thinking and reality?

The scores are in.

The day before yesterday, Scotland recorded 3000 new Covid infections. Yesterday, another 3000, with nine new deaths. Today, another 3000, with three new deaths.

This is an increase of 134% since Friday 13th. Most restrictions ended two days before that. We are still supposed to wear masks in indoor public spaces, but many are not doing so. In shops, it is common to see customers and staff unmasked and not distancing. In blocks of flats, unmasked people crowd into lifts together.

If we are frightened by these figures, we can make ourselves feel better by going to bars, getting rat-arsed, then going on to clubs where we can dance on a crowded dance floor, unmasked. And many of us will.

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