Plague Diary: Auld Maol's Almanac for the Rest of 2021 in Scotland

Today, Scotland moves beyond level 0.


Because we are tired of reality, I suppose. And because Capital wants its profits. I can think of no other reason, certainly not one related to what is happening. We are not in a better situation than we were at the start of the year when the Scottish government rightly mandated a lockdown. We have vaccines, and they help, but not always, and we have vaccine-resistant mutations. So fully-vaccinated people are getting infected, infecting others, and getting ill.

We are not tracking long Covid, so it is excluded from policy decisions.

Yesterday, 1240 new Covid cases were reported. The previous day, nine new deaths were reported. Currently, 360 people are in hospital, and 40 of them are in intensive care. Registration offices are closed during the weekend, so I expect some reports of new deaths when they open today.

As of today, you can dance in a nightclub without wearing a mask. TRNSMT will take place next month, with 50,000 attendees.

So it does not take a prophet to see what the rest of the year holds: another wave of infections, more unnecessary deaths, incalculable harm to disabled people and their families, and then — if sanity briefly takes priority over commerce — another lockdown.

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