Plague Diary: Notes From a Walk in Glasgow

Today, a walk downtown from Maryhill baffled but did not surprise me. The outdoor seatings of restaurants and cafés along Great Western Road were packed; no masks, no social distancing, patrons and staff alike. Most people walking the pavement in groups behaved the same. There was a smattering of people wearing masks and dodging others to maintain a safe distance, but they were the minority.

The pedestrian corridor of Sauchiehall Street was reminiscent of holiday shopping: throngs of people walking close together, few wearing masks.

Most did not seem concerned about the record number of Covid infections from yesterday, or today’s announcement of almost 5000 new cases and 14 new deaths, or that Glasgow is now the number 8 European Covid hotspot.

I predict we will rise in the rankings soon, beating our Scottish rival Dumfries and Galloway, which is currently number 6.

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