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Last week, one in 40 people in Scotland had Covid. This week, one in 30 have it. When the Scottish government decided to surrender to the virus by lifting mask requirements (though, bizarrely, still asking people to continue to wear them), we were assured that for fully-vaccinated people there was little to fear. But the following excerpt from an email is typical of what I hear from those infected:

“Having spent the 2+ years of the pandemic NOT catching Covid, I finally tested positive at the beginning of this week. Wouldn't you just know! They say that the effects are now quite mild if you've had the vaccines. Don't believe them. I felt like death warmed up for several days, a combination of the worst cold you ever had and the worst flu.”

With so many people infected, there are few masks to be seen in Glasgow, even in crowded supermarkets. We are more welcoming of a debilitating, sometimes life-threatening, virus than the Home Office is of refugees.

May all who are sick, in body, mind or spirit, be well.

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