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If a member of the Japanese royal family had died last year, would Nicola Sturgeon now travel to Tokyo for their memorial?

If not, then why did she postpone giving her Covid update today (another record-breaking day for hospitalisations in Scotland) to travel to London to appear, maskless, at a memorial for Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey?

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I have yet to hear from any of the gentlemen addressed in this post, so today I dared to make some of what Andrew Baddon, election assistant to Bob Doris MSP, called “political social media posts.”


Dear Mr Grady, Mr. Doris and Mr Letford,

I am addressing this letter to you because I live in Maryhill, Glasgow, so you are my MP, my MSP and my councillor respectively. Like you, I am also a member of the SNP, and so I was disturbed by an email I received today from Andrew Baddon, election agent for Mr Doris, part of which said:


Prince Philip has died.