Notes From the Northern Colony


I said in the previous post that the Scottish election result is a victory for compassion and respect. Today it was announced that the hate site Wings Over Scotland (whose author, Stuart Campbell, is based in England), a.k.a. The Daily McMail, is to stop blogging.

As usual, though, Mr Campbell’s word is not to be trusted. “Wings is over,” he says, and then adds he will reconsider his decision in November. Many of us are sceptical that Mr Campbell will be able to live without his narcissistic supply, but a break for six months will be a small mercy.

And, whatever his decision, he is correct: Wings is over. So is Alba. So is Alex Salmond. This is 2021, and Scotland has its most diverse parliament yet.

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As I have recently written about the 20th Century’s attempt to invade the 21st, it would be remiss of me not to mention another emissary from that period, George Galloway, former socialist and former MP, who now represents reactionaries who want Scotland to stay in the UK, against reactionaries who want Scotland to be independent.

When it comes to disgracing oneself in public, Alex Salmond is a hard man to beat, but Mr Galloway is up to the challenge. Now the leader of the All For Unity party, yesterday he wrote on Tw****r: