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In this post, I wrote about Living Rent’s lack of action concerning the transphobia of a member of its staff, Nick Durie, and of the coup that removed Sam Sharp from his position as secretary of the WTU, followed by resignations of members that left only homeowners on the committee of a tenants’s union.

Some good news: Nick Durie is no longer employed by Living Rent, which has suspended the WTU committee from activity pending an investigation.

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This article by Connor Beaton on Living Rent’s failure to address a bigoted faction of its staff speaks for me.


I said in the previous post that the Scottish election result is a victory for compassion and respect. Today it was announced that the hate site Wings Over Scotland (whose author, Stuart Campbell, is based in England), a.k.a. The Daily McMail, is to stop blogging.


As I have recently written about the 20th Century’s attempt to invade the 21st, it would be remiss of me not to mention another emissary from that period, George Galloway, former socialist and former MP, who now represents reactionaries who want Scotland to stay in the UK, against reactionaries who want Scotland to be independent.