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But who needs healthcare when you can enter an AmaZen “mindful practice room,” one of a number of “coffin-sized booths,” in the words of Vice, that Amazon is planning to introduce at its warehouses? There you can watch a video of a baby deer leaping through a field or whatever as you try to stave off intrusive thoughts about, say, your upcoming eviction.

This article by Jessa Crispin reminded me yet again why I dislike meditation separated from religious practice, and why I ask readers not to buy my books on Amazon. (My ebooks aren’t sold there, but I can’t stop them from selling my paperbacks.)

Meditation that isn’t part of a religious practice is a useful tool for making exploited people better able to tolerate their exploitation, and easing whatever consience the exploiters might have. To teach — or, rather, sell — meditation in such a setting is a violation of Buddhist ethics.

I don’t want scabs to read my books, and I’m disgusted by heretics pretending to teach the Buddha Dharma.

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