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This evening I reread Sam Hamill’s poem The Orchid Flower. I corresponded with him for years, though we never met. He is among the people who have died whom I cannot bring myself to delete from my email contacts, for reasons I do not understand. When he died in 2018, I wrote this poem:


On Sunday morning (April 10), in the car park outside Maryhill Tesco, a young man killed pigeons for reasons known only to himself.

In the area where the covered parking ends, approximately a dozen pigeons were eating bread someone had thrown down for them. The man, who had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy in the car with him, drove out of his way to run over them, killing perhaps half of them.

Confronted by a witness, he drove away.

#KillingForFun #AnimalAbuse #AnimalCruelty #dukkha #samsara #maryhill #glasgow


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