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On Sunday morning (April 10), in the car park outside Maryhill Tesco, a young man killed pigeons for reasons known only to himself.

In the area where the covered parking ends, approximately a dozen pigeons were eating bread someone had thrown down for them. The man, who had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy in the car with him, drove out of his way to run over them, killing perhaps half of them.

Confronted by a witness, he drove away.

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by greum maol stevenson & daishin stephenson

graffiti, the word baws painted on a wall

Two years ago, this blog discussed how an organisation called Street Change Glasgow was treating people in poverty with contempt. Before publishing the piece, we emailed them our concerns, but they did not respond.


Witnessing Violence, Executions, Donald Trump & Leaving the USA

doorway with blood splattered on the ground

Five years ago today, I left America, where I had lived since 1995, and returned to Scotland. But the process of leaving America started decades before I lived there.


sticker on lamp post in wyndford housing scheme showing an enso by daishin stephenson with the word love at the centre Photo and enso by daishin

Most Zen monks in the west only wear their robes for ceremonial purposes. But I have found that when I am on my way to or from the zendo and wearing my robes, strangers in the street will approach me, wanting to talk. It is not usually that they are interested in Buddhism, it is that they are lonely and feel isolated and need someone to talk to, and the robes give them an invitation, or maybe just an excuse, an icebreaker.


In response to the questions I sent Glasgow Housing Association (soon to be renamed Wheatley Homes Glasgow), I received the following letter today. Decide for yourself how many of the questions it answers.


image from glasgow housing association's social media, with images of smiling tenants and balloons, inviting tenants to a citywide panel

A week ago today, Glasgow Housing Association invited Wyndford residents to a “drop-in session” at the Maryhill Hub, to “have your say on GHA’s exciting new regeneration plans.” As those plans involve the demolition of more than 600 homes, and GHA’s Locality Housing Director, Linzi Heggie, has already admitted that the demolition will go ahead no matter what tenants say, some tenants of those homes were there with a list of questions.



Yesterday, Linzi Heggie, Locality Housing Director at Glasgow Housing Association, admitted that the “consultation” with tenants as to whether the Wyndford high flats should be demolished will make no difference to the outcome.


cover of what starts here stops here, drawing of robin flying over glasgow

“A gallus wee Glesga robin is blown off-course by an unseasonal gale onto a rollercoaster flight of discovery in the Dear Green Place.”


Wyndord tower block, sunset

Three days ago, on Monday morning, I learned that Glasgow Housing Association plans to destroy the community I live in.