Notes From the Northern Colony


GM Stevenson, seen from behind, walking on the docks in Reykjavik. Sea, cloudy sky, boatPhoto: daishin

June 17 is Icelandic National Day, commemorating the foundation of The Republic of Iceland in 1944. I observed it with reverence this week for a few reasons: because Scotland is also heading towards independence, because Scottish independence is urgent, and because, almost two years ago, I flew from Glasgow to Reykjavik to marry my American partner, because the British Home Office had refused to issue her a visa to marry me in my own country.

I had a window seat on the flight to Iceland, and, as we passed over mountains, cities and ocean, I was almost overwhelmed by the absurdity of human arrogance, the small meanness with which a few people in a few offices arbitrarily decide where a person is allowed to go. There are more than six million known (to us) species on land and in the air, and more than two million in water. Land, water and air are indifferent to any idea of ownership held by us tiny creatures, and so is love.

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As of yesterday, there can be no denying Scotland is an occupied country.


I am a British citizen, though I now resent that status. I was born and grew up in Glasgow, travelled widely, and once again live in Glasgow. But the government of the country that colonises Scotland refused to allow me to marry in my own country.