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Craig Murray holding two microphones “Let me sing you some Wet Wet Wet…”

In Craig Murray’s latest post, he laments his irrelevance, and that of his pals from the 20th Century:


“Ye Jacobites by name, Your fautes I will proclaim, Your doctrines I maun blame, you shall hear, you shall hear”—Burns

It is fitting that the online launch of the Alba party (the name of which its leader, Alex Salmond, does not know how to pronounce) was disrupted by technical issues, and then had its membership list leaked, because the party represents a time before such technology existed.


Meanwhile, Scotland Continues in the 21st Century

Joanna Cherry and some colleagues Joanna Cherry and some colleagues

Craig Murray's relationship with sanity, which has been strained for some time, now seems to have reached the stage of divorce.