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A week into September, I wrote about the cognitive dissonance caused by the Scottish government’s washing its hands of any leadership role in the pandemic. I pointed out that branch meetings of the SNP (of which I am a member) were being held online, but that people were free to gather in clubs unmasked.

Yesterday, with 2262 new cases, and 20 new deaths, also came the news that the SNP’s national conference will take place online, not in person. This, a party spokesman said, is “to keep everyone safe” and “protect the NHS.”

So, the SNP knows it is dangerous to have in-person events, and has, rightly, decided not to have any. But everyone else can…

I have no anlysis to offer about this; the congnitive dissonance is too overwhelming. If there is any logic here, it is dream logic, and the result will be a nightmare.

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Pilate Washes His Hands, painting by Duccio

The Scottish government’s current handling (or absence of handling) of the pandemic has created a terrifying cognitive dissonance.


Discarded face mask on the ground

Throughout the pandemic, it has been common to see disposable masks littering the streets of Glasgow, but in the last few weeks it has become almost as common to find reusable masks in the same state.