This Scottish Election Is Not About a Party

Nicola Sturgeon says tomorrow’s election is the most important Scotland has had in decades. While we expect hyperbole from politicians, especially close to an election, she is not exaggerating. It might be the most important Scottish election ever.

Despite Boris Johnson’s proven hybrid of corruption and ineptitude, equalled only by Donald Trump, he still has the support of the English electorate. So, in this election, anyone who does not vote SNP is voting to be governed from England by a party whose leader does not even try to hide his contempt for Scotland, one who describes our devolution as “a disaster,” and intends to take away as many of our devolved powers as he can.

Johnson’s government has shown, even more dramatically than Theresa May’s, how different Scotland is from England, politically and culturally. Scotland has rejected the policies England voted for, to be shown that our votes do not matter.

This is why it is essential to vote tomorrow, and to vote SNP. However you feel about the party’s policies (disclosure: I am a member of the SNP), a vote for the SNP is ultimately a vote for your right to support, or challenge, or reject, the policies of the government of the nation you live in. Any other vote is to give up your right to be a Scottish citizen, and instead to be an English subject.

I think the people of Scotland know this; a record number of people have registered to vote. This news came as a relief to me, because I was concerned that the likelihood of a pro-independence majority might make people complacent enough not to bother voting.

A vote for the SNP is a vote for free dentistry, an increase in doctors and nurses, free school meals for all pupils, at least an extra £2.5 billion spent on the NHS, free hospital parking, free bicycles for all children who cannot afford one, and the continuing of free prescriptions for everyone.

The Labour Party opposes all of the above, and it wants Scotland to remain England’s northern colony, just as the Tories do. The Scottish Green Party is pro-independence, but cannot win, but the SNP will work with it. There is no need for any further discussion of the Alba party.

Staying at home tomorrow, or voting for any unionist party, is an act of self-harm.

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