Three Bags Full, Sir: Open Letter to Patrick Grady MP, Bob Doris MSP & Councillor John Letford

Dear Mr Grady, Mr. Doris and Mr Letford,

I am addressing this letter to you because I live in Maryhill, Glasgow, so you are my MP, my MSP and my councillor respectively. Like you, I am also a member of the SNP, and so I was disturbed by an email I received today from Andrew Baddon, election agent for Mr Doris, part of which said:

All leafleting and campaign activity was suspended yesterday afternoon following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Over the weekend, this suspension will continue and there should be no outward campaigning – this means no leafleting and no political social media posts.

Activities can resume on Monday afternoon at noon, following condolence events in the Scottish Parliament.

I hope this is simply an error in communication, but as it stands it reads as though the SNP is telling its members when and what we can and cannot post on our social media. Therefore, I have four questions I hope you will answer:

  1. Is this really the party’s position?

  2. If so, who made this decision?

  3. What do you, individually, think about this?

  4. What penalties, if any, will there be for SNP members who make “political social media posts” before Monday, as I intend to do as a matter of principle?

As I have previously written, I find it bizarre that the SNP is taking a break from campaigning because of the death of a member of the royal family of a nation we are fighting to leave. The Scottish Parliament does not speak for me when it sends “condolences” to the British monarchy. This is bad enough, but for our party to dictate to its members, without consultation, that we have to hold our silence on political matters out of respect for a person many of us are not mourning is outrageous.

I do not accept English authority, and I will not be told what to do by those who pander to English authority.

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—GM Stevenson




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