Verso Books Accused of Allowing Sexual Harassment & Union-Busting

Note: Verso appears to have removed the apology from its website and then reposted it. In case they delete it again, I have posted screenshots below.

In the last four years, I have bought well over 100 books published by Verso, and its blog is one of my favourite reads, so I am disappointed by the company's strange “apology” to a former employee, Emily Janakiram.

In responding to her article about how she was sexually harassed while working there, the statement does not link to the article. While naming her, it does not name the person she says sexually harassed her, its US publisher Jake Stevens. Nor does it offer any specific amends to her. And it ignores her complaints about union-busting and exploitation of staff.

It is depressing to see the biggest publisher of left-wing and feminist books behaving like a typical capitalist corporation.

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—GM Stevenson

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